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Temporary Exhibit

In memory of Holy Savior School

Formal exhibit title to be announced.

Visit our current temporary exhibit to encounter artifacts, see photos, and learn the story of Holy Savior School, a Catholic school that first opened its doors to Lockport and surrounding communities in 1879 and provided Catholic education to thousands on Bayou Lafourche for 143 years until its doors were shut in 2022.

The exhibit also features the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception who established and staffed the school, as well as the pastors who led Holy Savior Church throughout the years.

Holy Savior School lives on through the memories of those who walked its halls, through those whose lives it shaped, and through its continued mission at Holy Savior Church. Learn more about this cornerstone of our community by visiting during our hours of operation or by contacting us to schedule an appointment.

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