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Permanent Exhibits

Welcome Aboard!

"Welcome Aboard! Bayou Excursion: 1910"

With this invitation, visitors to the exhibit entitled "Bayou Excursion: 1910" begin a make-believe journey down Bayou Lafourche, Louisiana, on a simulated paddle-wheeler. Along the way, they are treated to a series of scenes that depict what life was like during the era when centuries 19 and 20 evolved into the other.

"Bayou Sounds and Sites: Musicians and Dance Halls"

Visit our current temporary exhibit to view photographs, vinyl records, a jukebox, and more from the past throughout Bayou Lafourche communities.

"Mardi Gras Room"

Let the good times roll in the Mardi Gras Room, which features costumes, photographs, and items from local Mardi Gras krewes.

"Valentine Paper Room"

The Valentine Paper Room features photographs and products produced by Valentine Paper Co.

Cajun Lifestyle

Also featured on the second floor are tools, machines, and household items used by those living in the Bayou region during the 19th/20 centuries. This includes typewriters, telephones, cribs, and more.

Local Art

Displayed in the second floor hallway are various paintings of all sizes from local artists.

Wooden Decoys

On the first floor, visitors can view a collection of wooden decoys hand-carved locally by local artists.

Temporary Exhibit

Read about our current temporary exhibit on our Temporary Exhibit Page.

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