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Board Of Directors

The museum operates under a Board Of Directors with support from the Advisory Committee.

Directors serve 3 year terms in office.

Terms Expiring in 2024

Judy Babin

Margie Black

Charles Gaubert

Terms Expiring in 2025
Sue Sue Bollinger

Rene Claudet

Dee Dee Gaubert

Kim Suggs

Terms Expiring in 2026

F.J. Bourgeois

Connor Cheramie

Michelle Foret

Deborah Terrebonne

Advisory Committee

The advisory committee’s mission is to provide support and expertise in legal matters, finance, construction, museum technology, history interpretation, exhibit development, fundraising, visitor reception, advertising and publicity, and special events.

The committee members are not required to attend meetings of the governing board.

They are simply called upon when the museum requires their particular areas of expertise.


Current Advisory Committee
Robert Adams

David Babineaux

Marian Barker

Don Broussard
Irma Brown
Eugene Gouaux
Clifton Theriot

Louisiana's Cajun Bayou Visitor Center (Lafourche Parish Tourism)
Louisiana Telephone Pioneers representatives Ray Laperousse & Lynn Fields

Glen Pitre and Michelle Benoit
Mark Savoie
Colbert and Pat Walker
Craig Rogers

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