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Whether you're a local or a visitor to the area, we'd like to welcome you to Lockport and to the Bayou Lafourche region of Southeastern Louisiana.


Located in the heart of Lockport, Louisiana, the Bayou Lafourche Folklife & Heritage Museum is a non-profit organization which exists to preserve, promote, and interpret the human history, cultural heritage, natural history, arts, and folkways of the Bayou Lafourche region.

Our all-volunteer staff has established an interactive, three-dimensional exhibit entitled Bayou Excursion: 1910 to interpret life along Bayou Lafourche—the "Longest Main Street in the World."



Join us for our grand re-opening on Saturday, July 13, 2024, from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

The Bayou Lafourche Folklife & Heritage Museum gratefully acknowledges the awarding of two grants from the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities to the Museum.

This includes the Emergency Preparedness Grant (23-LA-25). The proceeds from this grant are being used to write an Emergency Preparedness Plan and to purchase equipment to implement the plan.

This also includes the Cultural Care Grant (LCCF2023). Proceeds from this grant are being used to purchase a laptop computer, canvas prints of Lockport Mardi Gras to be added to the mardi gras exhibit, plumbing work at the museum, and to help cover utilities.

Funding for these grants has been provided by the State of Louisiana and administered by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities.

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